Above everything, I appreciate little things in life, even if it’s a delicious candy, unexpected rainbow in the sky or a smile from a stranger. Life is so short and we’re building it ourselves, so live it that you don’t need to regret it. Do more of what makes you happy, be happy for a reason and for no reason at all, even if it’s what you – Don’t Tell Mum! 



My name is Greta Alice and I create my art for small and grown up kids.
True is that I always feel like a kid myself, that’s way things like: tiger with a sailor’s hat or a serious man with funny socks, makes me happy. Every day I look at others and at myself, after all, this is the most interesting game. I invite you to play it too!! Take of your serious face, decorate your cheeks, neck or hands with hearts and tigers ….. or cheese and ice cream??
And I wish you inspiration! One that takes your breath away, one that invites you to discover strangest combinations, that takes you to unexpextive places.
In this case, mine are the tagers eating ice cream and cheese, roaling on skateboards and roller skates, wearing sunglasses. After all, you can make it feel like summer even if it’s winter again. It will be as you wish!




To me illustration is a very strong form of communication. My drawings aim to tell an important message to young children or their parents. I like drawing people’s attention into important subjects like eco living and sustainability, self-love, bee protection etc. So stick a funny character tattoo of a bee or a turtle on and help us spread the message and positivity to the world.